Jo Ann Chalking up

Coach Max Aita


MAX AITA is an experienced personal trainer and coach in many aspects of the strength and conditioning industry. With a strong background in Olympic Weightlifting, he has been practicing the sport as both an athlete and coach for over ten years. Max has studied under many highly successful coaches, including Ivan Abadjiev, Steve Gough, and […]

Coach Jo Ann Aita


Jo Ann Aita, currently 44 years of age, has been training and competing in Olympic Weightlifting since 2003.  She is a Senior National Medalist and currently holds Snatch, Clean & Jerk & Total Records in the Pacific Weightlifting Association.  In 2014, Jo Ann broke 4 US National Master’s Records in CJ & in Total, 6 […]


Max’s Gym is now offering TWO New Programs!

STRENGTH PROGRAM, 3-days/week, $200/monthly. 12 person limit. Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays 6:30-8:00 am Strength Program is a class centered around developing foundational strength as well as the techniques and concepts that coincide. Participants will run a program prescribed by the coach and learn and practice specific movements within it including: back squat, front squat, strict […]

Women’s Strong School and NEW Women’s Olympic Lifting Class!!!

Jo Ann Aita is now registering women for TWO NEW WOMEN’S PROGRAMS located at Max’s Gym, in the back of CrossFit Oakland. WOMEN’S STRONG SCHOOL:  3-day/week women’s strength program.   This ongoing training program is limited to 12 women, and there are currently 4 SPOTS AVAILABLE, starting October 2nd. Additionally, WOMEN’S ONLY OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING CLASS!!!  For […]

Hassle Free Open

Firstly, I want to say thank you to everyone that came out to the meet and lifted! It was a pleasure to coach all of you! A big thanks goes out to those of you that came and supported the team during other sessions. And even bigger thanks to those of you who did not […]